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    Union Falls by David Morris

    This page has been a joint project of Charles Maynard, Janice Maynard, David Morris and John W. Uhler. This information and most of the pictures have been taken from the book "Waterfalls of Yellowstone" by Charles Maynard. All pictures and information is utilized with the author's permission. Pictures are copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

    The falls are listed in an order of beauty and must see (in the authors opinions). If your time is limited in Yellowstone (one or two days), you would more than likely want to start at the top and work your way down the list. All waterfalls have a certain beauty, so this list was hard to limit, but we feel that if you get to see the major falls on this list your time will be well spent. There are over 40 waterfalls in Yellowstone, the major falls are listed here. There are 42 waterfalls covered in "Waterfalls of Yellowstone."

    Yellowstone is a land of waterfalls. The terrain combines with water from above and below to deliver magnificent displays of falling water. Many of Yellowstone's beautiful waterfalls and cascades are near the well designed road system. Maximum water flow is in late spring and early summer when snow melt is at its peak. The following are a few examples of Yellowstone's best waterfalls.

    Lower Falls

    by John W. Uhler
    Location: Canyon area - east central area of the park - see map at the bottom of this page.
    Lower Falls - 308 Feet - Roadside or Short Walks. This most magnificent of Yellowstone's falls is easily accessible from many points along the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Uncle Tom's Trail provides a unique, up close view, of this grand display.

    Upper Falls

    by National Park Service
    Location: Canyon area - east central area of the park - see map at the bottom of this page.
    Waterfall drops109 feet. View from: roadside to a 1/8 mile hike. Upper Falls is a magnificent display at the head of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. It is often overlooked because of its proximity to its greater downstream sibling, Lower Falls. Sandwiched between Upper and Lower Falls is the graceful Crystal Falls. Seek it out while you are at Canyon.

    Tower Falls

    by John W. Uhler
    Location: 17 miles north of Canyon or 2 miles south of Roosevelt - see map at bottom of page.
    Tower Fall - 132 Feet - Roadside or 1 mile round trip - A good view from above is near a parking lot. Another perspective is from below, a short 1/2 mile walk from the road. The steep walk, with many switchbacks, passes by the mighty Yellowstone River. The name "Tower" is from the towering rock formations surrounding the falls.

    Undine Falls

    by David Morris
    Location: 4 miles east of Mammoth - northwest area of the park - see map at bottom of page.
    Undine Falls - 60 Feet and 50 Feet - Roadside - A twin set of falls beside the road between Mammoth and Roosevelt. The upper set, most easily seen, graced the cover of the July 1977 cover of National Geographic.

    Kepler Cascades

    by Janice Maynard
    Location: 2 miles south of Old Faithful or 15 miles west of West Thumb - see map at bottom of page.
    Kepler Cascades - 50 Feet - Roadside - A three step set of cascades located only 2 miles from Old Faithful. Named for a 12 year old son of Wyoming's Territorial governor, it was a favorite stop on early tours of Yellowstone.

    Virginia Cascade

    by Janice Maynard
    Location: 2.5 miles east of Norris Jct on Norris to Canyon road - Virginia Cascade Road - 1 mile - see map below.
    Virginia Cascade - 60 Feet - Roadside - Virginia Cascade is on a one way side road located between Canyon and Norris. This graceful, lacy cascade is a jewel set amid a verdant lodgepole pine forest.

    Gibbon Falls

    by Janice Maynard
    Location: About 5 miles north of the Madison Jct - west central area of the park - see map at bottom of page.
    Gibbon Falls - 80 Feet - Roadside- The overlook, between Madison and Norris, is often crowded. This attests to the popularity of this beautiful jewel in Yellowstone's crown of waterfalls.

    Firehole Falls

    by Janice Maynard
    Location: .5 mile south of Madison Jct on Firehole Canyon Drive - see map at bottom of page.
    Firehole Falls - 40 Feet - Roadside - Located on a one way road near Madison, this falls is an enjoyable stop. This is a lesser star in the constellation of Yellowstone's waterfalls but is still worth the side trip

    Lewis Falls

    by Janice Maynard
    Location: About 11 miles north of the south entrance - south area of the park - see map at bottom of page.
    Lewis Falls - 30 Feet - Roadside - A picturesque cascade on the road between the South Entrance and West Thumb.

    Moose Falls

    by Charles Maynard
    Location: Less than 1 mile north of south entrance - south area of the park - see map at the bottom of this page.
    Moose Falls - 30 Feet - 0.1 mile Walk - Just off the main road near the South Entrance, this falls is a wonderful picnic spot. Usually missed when coming in or out of the park, the falls is a nice green place.

    Fairy Falls

    by Janice Maynard
    Location: About a 5 mile hike from Fountain Flat Drive or Midway Geyser Basin - see map at bottom of page.
    Fairy Falls - 197 Feet - 5 miles round trip - One of the tallest falls in the park, a hike along level terrain is required but well worth the effort. This well named falls is near Grand Prismatic Spring in the Midway Geyser Basin. Several trails go to Fairy Falls. One begins 3 miles down the Fountain Flats Road which begins about 5 miles south of Madison Junction on the Grand Loop Road. The trailhead is at a gate near the end of the Fountain Flats Road. Another trail begins 1 mile south of the Midway Geyser Basin Parking Area. The trail is an old roadbed which goes north for about 2 miles. At 1 mile, a trail turn off to the west (left). This is the same trail that is mentioned above. Both trails lead to this graceful falls which plunges off the plateau into a shallow pool frequented by the American dipper or the ouzel. This can be a dry hike so take plenty of water along. The falls is a nice spot for a snack.

    Mystic Falls

    by David Morris
    Location: 2 miles north of Old Faithful at the Biscuit Basin Loop Trail - see map at the bottom of this page.
    Mystic Falls - 70 Feet - 2 miles round trip - A truly mystical set of falls near the Biscuit Basin geyser field. The hike to Mystic is a moderate one mile walk from the back of the Biscuit Basin Loop Trail. The trail leaves the boardwalk to skirt the edge of the Madison Plateau to go back to the falls. Just downstream from the falls the trail splits. Either choice gives a good view. Try both to get all the best vantage points.

    These are only a dozen of Yellowstone's numerous falls. Many magnificent falls can be found in the backcountry. "Waterfalls of Yellowstone" ($11.95 - 124 pages) has full color photographs of Yellowstone's most scenic waterfalls. Complete details of each falls are given including history, geology, location, and natural history. Tips for waterfall photography assist the amateur in getting the best shot. Accurate trail descriptions and advice for the novice as well as the experienced hiker are a part of the text. This useful guidebook, published by Panther Press, is the best waterfall resource available. It and other waterfall books on Grand Teton and Great Smoky Mountain National Parks can be ordered through:

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