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    Yellowstone Accessibility Information

    The following information was provided by the National Park Service. Facilities in Yellowstone are being made physically accessible as quickly as possible within funding limitations. Most facilities describe on this page have been judged to be negotiable by wheelchair users without assistance. Those facilities that require assistance for wheelchair users are indicated. Facilities described as accessible do not necessarily comply fully with federal standards. Some accessible facilities are not marked with international symbols. Your comments on accessibility are appreciated and should be directed to:

    Accessibility Coordinator
    PO Box 168
    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 82190-0168
    Phone: 307-344-2017

    Accessible Fishing Site

    There is an accessible fishing ramp and platform on the Madison River at the Mount Haynes Overlook. This site is situated approximately 3.5 miles west (downstream) of Madison Junction or 10 miles east of the West Entrance. See the Fishing Page for more information.


    Accessible accommodations are found at: Canyon, Grant Village, Lake and Old Faithful. Call Amfac at 307-344-7311 for lodging information and reservations. Lodging registration personnel are prepared to assist you in obtaining accessible accommodations.

    Backcountry Camping

    There is an accessible backcountry campsite at Ice Lake. This site can be reached from the trailhead located approximately 3 miles east of Norris Junction or 10 miles west of Canyon (on the Canyon to Norris Road). This site is situated about .5 mile from the trailhead on an accessible backcountry trail. This site is reserved for those with disabilities, parents with children under six years of age, and adults over 62 years of age. Call the Park Service Backcountry Office at 307-344-2160 for information and reservations.


    For the disabled visitor, accessible camping can be found at the following campgrounds:

    Fishing Bridge RV Park - accessible flush toilets and full hookup sites

    Bridge Bay, Canyon, Grant Village and Madison - have accessible campsites and rest rooms. Call the Amfac number listed above to reserve a site.

    Indian Creek, Lewis Lake, Pebble Creek, Slough Creek and Tower Fall - have accessible vault or pit toilets. Lewis Lake and Slough Creek Campgrounds have an accessible campsite. See the Camping Page for more information.

    Golden Access Passport

    Blind and permanently disable persons can obtain a Golden Access Passport. This is a free lifetime entrance pass to federal parks, historic sites and recreation areas which charge entrance fees. The Golden Access Passport admits the permit holder and any accompanying passengers in a single and private vehicle. It can be obtained from any visitor center or entrance station. Discounts are also given on federal use fees charged for camping, boat launching, etc. It does not cover fees charged by private concessionaires. See the Visitors Guide Page for more information.


    In Discover Yellowstone an insert in the park newspaper Yellowstone Today given to visitors at all entrance stations during the summer months, accessible ranger led activities are indicated. There are many accessible roadside interpretive exhibits throughout the park. See the Ranger Led Activities Page for detailed information and schedule.

    Rest Rooms

    Accessible rest rooms with sinks and flush toilets are located at all developed areas except: West Thumb and Norris. Accessible vault or pit toilets are found at West Thumb, Norris, most scenic areas and picnic areas. They are recognized as small brown/gray concrete buildings, each housing a single toilet. See the Picnic Page for more information and a map.


    Accessible public showers are available at Grant Village Camper Services Building and the Old Faithful Lodge.


    West Park Medical Services, the concessioner that provides medical services in Yellowstone, has rental wheelchairs available at their medical facilities located in Lake, Mammoth and Old Faithful. They require a $ 300.00 deposit and charge a rental fee of $ 10.00 per day. The deposit is refunded when the wheelchair is returned.

    Accessible Facilities

    Bridge Bay

    Amphitheater Access with assistance via paved path from the north side. Park next to rest room in "D" Loop.
    Parking At rest rooms only.
    Rest Rooms Campground (Loop A) and at picnic area on Marina entrance road.
    Store Hamilton Store at the Marina is accessible from the boat ramp area.


    Amphitheater Best access is via paved path from north side of road between the gas station and campground. Park on the shoulder.
    Food Services Cafeteria, Dining Room, Lounge and Snack Shop in Canyon Lodge. Fountain Service in Hamilton Store.
    Laundry In Camper Services Building at entrance to campground. Access is from the rear of the building.
    Lodging Two specially designed lodging units are available in the Cascade Lodge.
    Parking In front of Canyon Lodge, Hamilton Store and Visitor Center.
    Post Office Building is accessible.
    Rest Rooms Canyon Lodge, Canyon Lodge Cafeteria, Campground (western most rest room in Loop L), Nature Shop, Service Station and adjacent to Visitor Center (with assistance).
    Store Canyon Gift Shop, Hamilton Store and the Nature Shop.
    Visitor Center Building is accessible.

    Scenic Areas near Canyon

    North Rim Drive No curbs have been cut on the North Rim Loop Drive. With assistance, views of the canyon can be enjoyed from the Grandview Overlook and from the parking area at Inspiration Point (the overlook is not accessible).
    South Rim Drive Artist Point offers a view of the Lower Falls, and Uncle Tom's Overlook offers a view of the Upper Falls.

    Fishing Bridge

    Amphitheater At visitor center.
    Camping Concession operated RV Park with full hookups.
    Food Services Fountain Service in Hamilton General Store.
    Laundry In Camper Service Building at entrance to RV Park. No curb is cut at this facility so assistance will be needed. No accessible rest rooms are available in this building.
    Parking On east side of visitor center parking lot.
    Rest Rooms Hamilton General Store and on the east side of the visitor center (museum) parking lot with assistance.
    Store Hamilton General Store.
    Visitor Center
    Center portion of museum is accessible.

    Scenic Areas near Fishing Bridge

    LeHardy Rapids This is between Canyon and Fishing Bridge. The trail from the north parking lot is accessible and marked. No parking is designated.
    Mud Volcano This is between Canyon and Fishing Bridge. Lower Loop is accessible, including spur to Dragons Mouth. Start at north end of the parking lot. At boardwalk junction beyond the Mud Volcano turn left and return to the parking lot. Lower Rest Rooms are accessible.

    Grant Village

    Amphitheater Best access is from the visitor center.
    Food Services Restaurant and Snack Shop, Fast Food in Hamilton General Store.
    Laundry In Camper Service Building on campground entrance road. No curb has been cut for this facility so assistance will be required.
    Lodging Twelve specially designed lodging units. Lodging Registration Building is accessible.
    Parking Accessible lodging facilities, Camper Service Building, Hamilton Store, in front of Lodging Registration Building, Post Office, Restaurant and Visitor Center.
    Post Office Building is accessible.
    Rest Rooms Camper Services Building, Campground (Loops A and B), Hamilton Store, Picnic Area, Restaurant, Visitor Center (with assistance).
    Showers Accessible showers are available at the Grant Village Camper Services Building.
    Store Gift Shop in Lodging Registration Building and Hamilton General Store.
    Visitor Center Building is accessible.

    Scenic Area near Grant

    West Thumb Information Station and upper loop are accessible. Lower loop has grades up to 10%, but no steps. Accessible Rest Rooms are near the center of the parking lot.


    Food Services Lake Hotel Dining Room and Lounge and Lake Lodge (no curb has been cut to access Lake Lodge so assistance will be required).
    Lodging Five specially designed lodging units are available in the Sandpiper Annex of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel. A wheelchair is available for assistance at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel.
    Medical Hospital. No rest rooms are accessible for wheelchair users.
    Parking In front of Sandpiper Annex of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel.
    Post Office Building is accessible.
    Rest Rooms Outside Hamilton General Store, Lake Hotel and Lake Lodge with assistance.
    Stores Hamilton General Store, Gift Shops in Lake Hotel and Lake Lodge with assistance.


    Amphitheater At Madison Museum and Picnic Area with assistance.
    Camping Accessible rest rooms in Loop A.

    Scenic Area near Madison

    Terrace Springs This is just north of Madison Junction. All features accessible. A steep grade exists in the middle of the loop which requires assistance.


    Food Services Terrace Grill and Dining Room (accessible through Terrace Grill Entrance). There are no accessible rest rooms in the Dining Room, although rest rooms are available in the adjoining Terrace Grill.
    Lodging Available in the Aspen dormitory of the Mammoth Hotel during the winter season only.
    Medical Clinic (accessible in rear). No accessible rest rooms are available.
    Parking Next to the Terrace Grill. On the west side and rear of the visitor center.
    Rest Rooms Visitor Center (third floor access via elevator at rear), Terrace Grill and Hotel Lobby.
    Store Gift Shop in Mammoth Hotel Lobby.
    Visitor Center
    Access in rear of building with assistance. Press the call button marked at the top of the ramp for assistance.

    Scenic Area at Mammoth

    Mammoth Hot
    Spring Terrace
    A great deal of the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces can be seen from your vehicle as you drive the main road and the Terrace Loop Drive. Obtain interpretive brochure at the Albright Visitor Center. As you drive up to the Terrace Loop Drive from the bottom of the terraces, there is a pullout from which you can get a good view of Canary Springs.


    Amphitheater At Norris Campground with assistance.
    Parking Closest space to museum sidewalk.
    Post Office Building is accessible.
    Rest Rooms In Geyser Basin Parking Area.
    Visitor Center
    The west half of the museum is accessible.

    Scenic Area at Norris Geyser Basin

    Norris Geyser Basin Portions of Porcelain Basin and the Back Basin are accessible from the Norris Museum with some assistance required (because of steep grades and side slopes). Consult the area brochure for route selection.

    Old Faithful

    Food Services Old Faithful Inn Dining Room, Lounge and Snack Shop; Old Faithful Lodge Cafeteria, Lounge and Snack Bar; Four Seasons Snack Shop. No curb has been cut for the Four Seasons Snack Shop so assistance will be required to access the facility.
    Lodging Eight specially designed lodging units are available in the Old Faithful Inn. The Inn is accessible from the rear without assistance and from the front with assistance. The Old Faithful Snowlodge has one accessible cabin and two rooms.
    Medical Clinic is fully accessible.
    Parking Designated parking at the front and rear of the Old Faithful Inn, in front of the Old Faithful Lodge, at the Snowlodge, Lower and Upper Hamilton Stores and opposite the Photo Shop (for the Visitor Center).
    Ranger Station Building is fully accessible.
    Rest Rooms Old Faithful Inn (one unisex unit), Old Faithful Lodge (two unisex units), Snowlodge and Visitor Center.
    Showers An accessible public shower exists in one of the unisex bathrooms at the Old Faithful Lodge.
    Stores Gift Shops in the Old Faithful Inn and Old Faithful Lodge, Lower and Upper Hamilton General Stores and the Photo Shop.
    Visitor Center Best access is from accessible parking opposite the Photo Shop.

    Scenic Areas near Old Faithful

    Biscuit Basin This area is north of Old Faithful. No curb cut, but no steps on the boardwalk.
    Black Sand Basin This area is just north of Old Faithful. No curb cut, but no steps on the boardwalk.
    Firehole Lake Drive This area is between Old Faithful and Madison on the east side of the road just north of Midway Geyser Basin. All thermal features are accessible.
    Old Faithful Area
    Upper Geyser Basin
    Old Faithful geyser is accessible from the Visitor Center. An accessible bike / pedestrian path leads from the Visitor Center 1.5 miles to Morning Glory Pool - three miles round trip. This path is also accessible from the Lower Hamilton General Store near Old Faithful Inn. Castle Geyser and Crested Pool are only 0.2 miles from this point. This access also reduces the round trip distance to Morning Glory Pool to 2.4 miles. Beehive Geyser can be viewed from the Old Faithful Geyser area.

    Tower - Roosevelt

    Food Services Roosevelt Lodge at Tower Junction. Hamilton Store at Tower Fall.
    Parking Roosevelt Lodge and in front of the Tower Fall Store.
    Rest Rooms Roosevelt Lodge and Service Station at Tower Junction. Adjacent to Hamilton General Store at Tower Fall.
    Store Hamilton General Store at Tower Fall.

    For information on Accessible Rest Rooms in Picnic Areas throughout the Park, see the Picnic Page.

    Comments or Suggestions are Welcome. Send To: John@Yellowstone-Natl-Park.Com Thank You!

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